Article originally published in Global Cement Magazine 2/2022

FCC Ceská Republika was contacted by the Lafarge Cement Cízkovice cement plant in the second half of 2017. The plant wanted to know if FCC would take over the production of shredded tyres for the plant, a service that had previously been contracted to a third party.

In order to be ready to supply the plant quickly, FCC opted for a mobile shredder. FCC wanted a mobile shredder that could shred waste tyres down to <100mm in a single pass. Tana is one of the suppliers of such machines, so FCC contacted its Czech representative, Komunální technika s.r.o. A demonstration on the new FCC site was provided, using a wide portfolio of input waste. Besides the size of the output fraction, the key question also involved the quality of the cut tyres.

A similar trial with a competitor’s shredder does not achieve quite the same performance as the TANA machine. It had a lower grinding capacity and the tyres repeatedly became stuck between the rotor and the screen. The decision in favour of TANA was straightforward.”