This year Tana Dealer Meeting was held in Munich, Germany after IFAT 2022. The event gathered Tana distributors from all over the world together to look back at the past year 2021 and to see all the great things ahead. The highlight of the event was the Tana Dealer of the Year awards, where we gave special recognitions to our distributors in different categories.

This year the prestigious title of Tana Dealer of the Year 2021 went to Humdinger Equipment. Their massive number of orders during the year have not gone unnoticed. They have also well further developed Tana coverage with sub dealerships in USA and Canada. Congratulations!

Just as importantly we awarded various of our authorized Tana distributors with special recognitions. The awards were given as follows:

Newcomer of the Year 2021: Emsa Tecnica, Portugal

Salesperson of the Year 2021: Marcin Kanik, Atlas Poland, Poland

Excellence in service 2021: Jan Comergo, Comergo Services, Belgium

Excellence in marketing 2021: Máquina Solo, Brazil

Thank you all for the amazing year 2021, without our distributors expertise and dedication Tana would not be where it is now. We look forward to do even greater things with you in the future!