TANA  Wind  sifter  VS1220  separates  light  from  heavy  materials  with  a  high  grade  of  accuracy. It gives more value by cleaning waste streams for further reuse or recycling.

TANA  Wind  sifter  is  manufactured  in  co-operation by  Norditek  AB  in  Umeå,  Sweden.  Machine has gained lot of success as over 80 machines has been sold in Sweden alone.

TANA  Wind  Sifter  VS1220  is  a  simple  and  light  machine  and  very  easy  to  use.  It can  be  added to  a  variety  of  processes.  Multiple  adjustment  and  customisation  options  makes  it  versatile machine to meet your needs.


Accurate separation for a more valuable end product

Can be easily moved with a wheel loader

Separates light from heavy material

Can be used together with a large variety of different screens

Low operating costs

Easy to maintain

Low energy consumption

Versatility – can be used for wide variety of input materials Technical info

Technical info

TANA Wind sifter VS1220 

Operating weight 2500 kg

Suggested generator 35 kVA (supply voltage 400 V / 32 A)

Maximum capacity 150 m3/h

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