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Waste can be transformed into valuable raw materials - with the right machine.

Material recovery and re-use are a rapidly growing business opportunity. Reducing, re-using and recovering waste to manage waste sustainably can be done profitably.

The TANA Shark industrial waste shredder is the most versatile shredder on the market and the perfect machine for handling different waste materials that can change even on a daily basis. Even the most challenging materials, such as mattresses, large tyres, stretchy plastics and cables, are no match for the TANA Shark. TANA Shark shredders can produce particle sizes ranging from 50 to 500 mm.

The use and profitability of waste materials

In the material recovery process, waste is transformed into valuable raw materials. Since the composition of waste streams constantly changes, the waste shredder needs to be more adjustable and efficient than ever before. Optimally shredded and processed waste offers a profitable resource in the form of reusable materials. TANA Shark industrial waste shredders are the optimal choice for handling large amounts of recycled materials. The TANA Control System, adjustable rotor and conveyor speeds, overcharge pressure limits and rotor options make production flexible and optimize shredder operations from one waste to another easily via a touchscreen.

Most common applications:

Get more out of your investment. Choosing the shredder.

Investing in a more efficient shredding process, versatility is the key factor. It´s important to determine the range of particle sizes that can be produced in one go. Versatile shredding machines can handle different waste processing applications and fractions. It can produce a range in particle size from around 50 to 500 mm and save loads of working time.

Easy to use



Ease of maintenance

TANA machines

Reduce operating costs. Optimising the shredding process.

The cost of energy in shredding process is typically larger than the profit. To meet the higher recycling targets and keep shredding costs to a minimum, the process must be more efficient than ever before. To get more savings, it is time to optimise operational usage, fuel/energy, operators, and maintenance. One versatile shredder is a way to create a more efficient shredding process with fever machines and labor costs. Optimise your process with in-built intelligence and mobile real-time view of operational data.

Learn to optimize work with TANA ProTrack®

More than a machine. TANA Shark Shredder

Just one machine – TANA Shark takes care of the whole shredding process!

Capability to produce a large range of particle sizes

Ability to produce homogenous particle size

Process widest range of materials

Shreds toughest materials like shingles and big tires

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