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Iidamaria Hartikainen, Business Support Manager

I work as Business Support Manager at Tana. I am responsible for coordinating the order-delivery process for the machines we sell, from financing arrangements to shipping. Whenever a dealer somewhere in the world sells a Tana machine, the order usually comes directly to me. I then take care of communications with production and the dealer, invoicing and delivery to the customer. In addition, I provide business support to our dealers and sales management; I make monthly reports and arrange monthly sales meetings with our dealers. I use a wide range of financing solutions for international trade in my work, from letters of credit to bills of exchange, and I coordinate all the details between the parties.

I earned a BBA from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences majoring in International Business. I also studied English and German at university, but I decided to go to work when I realized that I enjoyed using languages more than studying them.

My prior work experience has provided me with skills that I have been able to use and grow here at Tana. Already during my studies, I worked as an export secretary for the Keitele Group, where I was involved with shipping wood products. In principle, the work was similar to what I do now, except on a smaller scale.

I also worked for a few years for L´Oreal in Helsinki, where I was responsible for purchasing the cosmetics products sold in stores, as well as inventory management and anticipating order numbers. I then worked at Accenture for a couple of years as a procurement consultant in SAP projects before going on maternity leave. During my maternity leave, I moved back to Jyväskylä to be nearer to my relatives and support networks. I began looking for work towards the end of my maternity leave, and through a recruiting agency I sent an application to Tana, which had an open position for a sales assistant.

I joined Tana in February 2013. My job description has gradually expanded over the years as I have taken on more responsibilities. The order-delivery process has always been part of my job, but I have also worked with purchasing and spare parts. I hope that my tasks will continue to vary and that I can continue to develop my professional skills. At Tana, you can always express your wishes in development discussions and elsewhere, and I feel that an effort is always made here to find a job for each person that corresponds to his or her own strengths.

“Tana has a really good atmosphere of getting things done, and its employees are really energetic and proactive. Here you can be your own self, and all types of personalities are respected. We get along well together, and our Christmas parties, for example, are unbelievably fun. I now have two children and am in my busy years, but Tana understands that sometimes kids get sick and is altogether very flexible.”

Reetta Punta

VP, Suporte Empresarial e RH

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