Built to last.

A long-time TANA customer in Spain completely restored their TANA 27C landfill compactor, originally built in 1994. TANA landfill compactors by design have a long lifetime of up to 15 years but the restoration of this TANA classic is taking it to the next level. The compactor was fully rebuilt and serviced from the ground up and looking especially at the interior it’s hard to believe this TANA is 26 years old!

According to the customer the fully rebuilt TANA compactor will likely serve their needs for decades to come. We are proud to know that there are veteran landfill compactors like this working on landfills around the world – thanks to quality design and passion and expertise of our customers.

From Waste to Value since 1971.

The TANA 27C landfill compactor was manufactured from late 80s till mid-90s. Since the first TANA landfill compactor in 1971 the effective core design has remained the same – twin drum, non-oscillating design for maximum compaction with a focus on operator friendliness. While the new models are more intelligent and offer various new features, the strive for high quality and operational effectiveness has remained the same for over 45 years.

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