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Recycling is paramount. Choose a reliable machine for the job.

Waste can be used to generate electricity and heat, but it can also be recovered and re-used. Developing circular economy solutions has become an international necessity.


Our robust and versatile TANA shredders allow you to process waste in applications from ragger wire to wood, and many more.

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Waste to energy

Waste to energy production is key for sustainable waste management. Use of waste fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions safely and economically.

How to turn waste into energy?

Material recovery

Recovering and re-using materials is an energy saving option for recycling and using brand new materials.

Turn waste into valuable materials

Want to know how to get the most out of your investment

by reducing the cost of waste shredding?

Get more out of your investment by choosing the right shredder

Investing in a more efficient shredding process, versatility is the key factor. It’s important to determine the range of particle sizes that can be produced in one go. Versatile shredding machines can handle different waste processing applications and fractions. TANA Shark industrial waste shredder produces a range in particle size from around 50 to 500 mm and save loads of working time.




ease of maintenance

TANA Shredders

Reduce operating costs. Optimise the shredding process.

The cost of energy in shredding process is typically larger than the profit. To meet the higher recycling targets and to keep shredding costs to a minimum, the process must be more efficient than ever. To get more savings, it is time to optimize operational usage, fuel/energy, operators, and maintenance. Getting one versatile shredder is a way to create a more efficient shredding process with fewer machines and labor costs. Optimize your process with in-built intelligence and mobile real-time view of operational data.

Learn to optimize work with TANA ProTrack®