South Korea is an interesting recycling market. The most typical application for TANA products is SRF production. Previously a lot was exported to China and recycling cost was lower than the price of the goods. Since Green fence of China the business has further developed in South-Korea and market demand is towards cleaner material.

Tana delivered just recently a mobile machine line with two shredders, drum screen and wind sifter to South Korea. Our local distributor of shredders and other waste treatment products Dooje Energy had sold it to a customer and they have just been commissioning and starting up the whole plant. There will be a grinder, magnets and other separators from other manufacturers.

In South Korea waste processing cannot be done outdoors; it has to be done in a hanger or shelter. Mobile machines can still be a feasible solution for a plant like that; machines are easy to move around when needed and the set up can be built quicker. Obviously you have to take very good care about air flow in the plant to make sure that it fits the needs of diesel powered machines.