Year 2020 will be ending rather soon. It has been a totally different and more challenging year than any of us could expect a year ago. I hope you, your family and business have survived through these globally difficult times. We are very grateful to the whole Tana network, our distributors and their passionate work and our clients all over the world. Thank you for the excellent cooperation and team work.

In 2021 we will launch new models of TANA Shark shredders and TANA landfill compactors. There are also various other new things coming up so stay tuned. 2021 will  be a year of celebration as Tana Oy will have its 50th anniversary.

Because of our long history in waste treatment there is hundreds of loyal customers worldwide and we believe it will continue also coming years. We shall be your trusted partner also year 2021.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and prosperous new year!

– Kari Liuska, CEO