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TANA Shark 440E shredder


Stationary with electrical drive

Lower operating costs and zero emissions

Produces 6 dB less sound than a diesel shredder

Maximum performance & unique versatility

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Getting the most out of your investment

Stationery TANA Shark 440E industrial waste shredder is a hydraulically driven, electric motor powered, single shaft, low-speed shredder. Its motor and hydrostatic transmission are controlled by TANA Control System (TCS). The TANA TCS protects the machine from overloading, overheating and possible damage caused by non-crushable material. The electric TANA Shark brings you many benefits; less emissions, less noise and lower operational costs without any compromise in performance, versatility or serviceability.

Electric TANA Shark industrial waste shredder offers the same advantages as diesel-powered models:

  • Versatility: Widest range of opportunities in both materials and output sizes
  • Robust construction: Engineered for shredding demanding and difficult materials
  • Easy maintenance: Less downtime and lower maintenance costs

For the profit & performance

Rated power (SAE J1995) 2 x 215 bhp
Nominal torque 324,530 ft-lbs
Rotor length 118 inches
Number of rotor knives 33/ 44
Screen sizes 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.3, 4.7, 5.5, 6.6, 8.7, 10.8
Screen area 29,6 ft2

TANA Intelligence

TANA ProTrack® remote control system collects, analyzes and presents the data that is produced by your TANA machine. Based on that data, TANA ProTrack® presents concretely and clearly how much you gain in profit, the amount of expenses and how your business could be enhanced even more. This is a fresh indication of how industrial internet is able to improve business.

The TANA Control System (TCS) together with TANA ProTrack® allows you to tune your process and to use TANA Shark to the max. It tracks process information in real time, whether it is power consumption, fault codes, uptime information or capacity. The scaling system weighs the shredded materials throughout the process. This information is transferred automatically to TANA ProTrack® which provides you with reports by waste fractions.