A company in France operating in landfill, waste management and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) production businesses. Company produces SRF from unsorted industrial waste for their own mill. The key for improving productivity of all these three business areas is a more effective shredding process to increase the low SRF production capacity. TANA ran a demonstration at their site and the results show that their current shredding capacity could be doubling the SRF production capacity with the TANA Shark 440.

“Shredding capacity is really a crucial question for us. The higher percentage of the unsorted industrial waste we are able to shred and utilize in SRF production, the less waste ends up at the landfill and the less we pay TGAP taxes that are much lower for recycled waste. Therefore, our goal is to double the SRF production capacity into 30 000 tons per year”, says the Production Manager of the French company.

Meeting all these requirements means that they should be able to double the capacity of their current shredding process.

“Our current machine is not capable to reach the level we need. We are eager to find a solution for the problem”, the Production Manager adds.

Thrilling results

In the demonstration with TANA Shark the customer made four important observations – all of them being problematic for their current shredding machine. TANA Shark 440 performed great in all these: hourly shredding capacity, smooth process, handling metal fractions without damages and better uptime (see results in Table 1 below).

TANA Shark 440</font Present machine Extra features that TANA Shark 440 provide
Process Two phases: TANA Shark 440 + Vecoplan refiner Three phases: Pre-sorting + Vecoplan pre-shredder + Vecoplan refiner No pre-sorting required with metals. Metal particles are not damaging the robust  and smart TANA Shark, thanks to the damage preventive TANA Control System (TCS).
Capacity/hour >30 tons ~15 tons More control over the output capacity by changing counter knife settings, adding or removing the screen.
Handling metals Metals are sorted out during the shredding process with an overband magnet. Metals are sorted before the actual shredding phase. Some remaining fragments are still wearing or damaging the pre-shredder. More metal can be sold.
Better uptime 99% 90% Non-shreddable fragments can be removed fast and ergonomically from the TANA Shark’s opening side door.

Table 1. TANA Shark 440 excelled in the demonstration with unsorted industrial waste.

Three ways how TANA Shark helps at the landfill operations

“I was amazed by the results of the demonstration. The shredding capacity was doubled without compromising the quality of the particle size. Even metal particles didn’t slow down or stop the TANA Shark 440. This is really important for us since the metal contents of the industrial waste we process can be up to 10%. The present pre-shredder we use is just too easily worn and damaged by the metal particles. Time and money are continuously used for maintenance work and parts.”

The demonstration proved that the TANA Shark 440 is the best solution for reaching the wanted increase in production of shredding unsorted industrial waste because of its big capacity, robust structure and the TANA Control System (TCS) which protects the machine from overloading, overheating and other possible damage.

“For us the main reason to severely consider purchasing TANA Shark is the great shredding capacity. We have not seen any other machine to cope with industrial unsorted waste as well as the TANA Shark did. In addition, the Tana personnel at our site showed us how we can enhance the performance of the machine by loading it properly. We trust that Tana would be a very good partner for us.”