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Turn mattresses into valuable materials

Mattresses are usually considered a nightmare in the waste management industry. Mattresses cannot be easily compacted in the landfill, and springs are difficult for most shredders.

For low-revving and high-torque TANA Shark shredders, however, mattresses are an easy task.

Shredding a whole mixture of materials at once

Hated by all landfill operators, mattresses are a difficult waste to process. Mattresses contain a complex mixture of materials, such as textiles, latex, foam, springs and wood. Being almost impossible to compact, they cost a lot to dump unless they are processed properly. Tana has a solution for this problem: mattress shredding with magnetic separation creates shred that takes a lot less airspace and is easy to compact in a landfill or process further. Magnetic separation of metals generates additional income, as the valuable metals can be sold for recycling.

Dimensions and weight of mattresses make feeding the shredder somewhat challenging, but a skilled operator can manage the feeding with ease. Long textiles and springs tend to wrap around the rotor and sometimes block it. The high torque and half-cutting effect of TANA Shark can easily destroy 200 mattresses an hour. Using the operating mode for mattresses of the 12 pre-programmed possibilities of the TANA Control System assures that the technical possibilities of the machine are being used on an ideal level. This saves operating because of for example lower fuel consumption. If none of the pre-programmed modes are suitable, there is a possibility for customised operating modes.

TANA 440Deco industrial waste shredder shredding mattresses

What to do with the shredded mattresses?

Mattress shredding is an efficient way of turning waste into a valuable resource. They can still be landfilled, but there are more sophisticated possibilities. Some of these require a homogeneous particle size, which the TANA Shark can provide. In other cases, it is sufficient that they are shredded. The possibilities for reusing the shredded material include the following:

Steel springs can be separated and reused as valuable scrap metal

Foam can be used as energy or, after refining, as carpet underlay or padding

Textiles and fibers can be reused as material for filters

TANA machines for material recovery and re-use

TANA Shark shredder

Capability to produce a large range of homogenous particle sizes

Unique versatility & productivity

Process wildest range of materials

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TANA wind sifter

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