In Australia, Chip Tyre Pty Ltd reuses end-of-life tyres by making rubber crumb for children’s playgrounds and sport field underlays. Tyres are also grind down to fine powders for tile adhesive glues and spray seal bituminous. Company’s business has grown from 200 000 tyres a year to 200 000 tyres a month. To be able to handle this amount of tyres robust tools are vital. TANA Shark is at its best when shredding difficult materials like tyres. In addition to its durability, by choosing TANA Shark 440DT waste shredder Chip Tyres has been able to cut down their ware bill by 40%.

“I think the TANA Shark is a durable machine. One of the features I like about it is that it exposes the wire, so we are able to magnetically remove it,” notes David Mohr, founder of Chip Tyre.

Since Tana is not only the machine Chip Tyre has been happy with local Tana distributor’s, GCM Enviro, excellent service. Co-operation between companies has been successful year after year.

“They are friends rather than just agents. They respond promptly to any problems that I have got. Then we are able to rectify the problem and get back to work” -David Mohr, Chip Tyre

Decades of partnership

GCM Enviro Pty is authorized Tana distributor in Australia. The company has dealerships, mechanics, and service agents all around the country. Co-operation with Tana began over twenty years ago.

“Back in 1999, a fellow called Jarmo from Finpro walked into our office. We were selling compaction equipment to local government departments back then. We decided we whould give it a go”, says CEO of GCM Enviro, Daniel Kastowsky.

GCM Enviro sold the first TANA machine within 12 months to Sydney city council. Since then, the story has continued successfully, and more TANA machines have been delivered to Australia year after year.


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