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TANA H Series landfill compactors – arguably the most productive landfill compactor on the market. Our unique TANA design with its twin drums, rigid frame and crushing teeth stands for proven durable solutions. TANA H Series landfill compactors are the result of long-term product development and proven solutions that create real benefits for your business. All H Series models in the 26-55 ton range are available now. H Series models have several new and improved features that make them even more efficient and reliable. Like other TANA landfill compactors, the new H Series models handle waste cost-effectively and offer maximum compaction and waste handling capacity with low operating costs.

  • Maximum speed 10km/h (6.2. mph)
  • Operation comfort and safety
  • Maximum uptime and efficiency with TANA ProTrack®

Superior design. Nonoscillating, rigid frame utilizes the weight of the machine through the full-width drums and the crushing teeth. The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted area. With a TANA, the most productive landfill compactor, you can achieve highest level of compaction and save on average 10%.

You wanted it, we built it.

50 years of waste and beyond. TANA – From Waste to Value®

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