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Cables & wires

Cables come in multiple forms, sizes, lengths and contents. They may be long, flexible, winding and hard, they may hide valuable metals in them like copper, they may be sticky and soft. In extreme cases, separating valuable metals from the cables without a shredder with high torque like TANA Shark can be almost impossible task.

Some types of cables, such as sea cables, require so much power and torque not any shredder is able to process them. On the other hand, long, stringy, flexible cables and plastics tend to wrap around the rotor of many shredders and create a block in the hopper. In some case the diameter and hardness of the cable require not just torque but also an aggressive rotor knife for an optimal and cost-efficient shredding.

When stringy, and soft cables jam a shredder it means in most cases downtime, which in many cases means emptying the hopper completely which is very time-consuming. One of the advantages of TANA shredders is the ease of removing non crushable items or clearing a jam through the opening side wall in the few cases a jam happens.

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Optimising machine uptime is one of Tana’s key targets.

TANA machines for material recovery and re-use

TANA Shark shredder

Capability to produce a large range of homogenous particle sizes

Unique versatility & productivity

Process widest range of materials

Shreds toughest materials

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TANA disc screen

Maximum performance with minimal wrapping

Choose two or three fraction screening

Easy to clean and maintenance

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