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By screening waste you can produce a certain particle size for recycling and re-use, improve end product quality in terms of particle size or remove inert inorganic fines. To enhance your waste management operations, versatile TANA X552T/X553T disc screen is a superior solution.

The TANA X552T/X553T disc screen is the most versatile screening solution and able to screen almost everything with minimal clogging. With its easy adjustability and unique intelligence the screening process can easily be optimized based on materials, feeding methods and other process requirements. Modular screening deck design takes adjustability to the next level since it can be easily configured for two or three fraction screening based on your needs.

Let your business thrive without hassle!

TANA X553T disc screen

Get more out of your investment

Patented TANA screening discs – maximum performance with minimal wrapping

Three fraction screening as an option (X553T) – customize for your needs

Modular screening deck – easy cleaning and maintenance

TanaConnect® – to adjust and fine tune process easily

Material recovery and re-use are an ever-growing business possibility. The concept of reducing, reusing, and recovering waste to manage waste sustainably can be done profitably. The more versatile screening machine adapts easily to several types of waste.