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Turn landfilling costs of ragger wire into profit

Ragger wire or pulper tail is the residue of steel wires and plastic that remains after a pulping process. A mass of recyclable paper is being processed with the help of water. The remaining mass, consisting of wires and plastics of the bales, is called ragger wire. It is often landfilled because no method or machinery can separate the material cost efficiently. But when you can the recovered steel easily justifies the purchase of a TANA shredder. The rest can be landfilled or used as alternative fuel.

TANA 440Deco industrial waste shredder shredding ragger wire

TANA 440 series shredders are a proven solution for shredding of ragger wire. It is a demanding operation for the shredder and for the operator loading it. Skilled operators know how to load the shredder in the ideal way with precision and patience. With this application the high torque of the TANA shredders and the adjustability prove their power.

TANA Control System (TCS) monitors and controls the machine functions. There are 12 pre-programmed operating programs for different types of materials and purposes of shredding. The programs adjust the machine functions to optimal level for achieving the wanted output. For instance, overcharge pressure limits, rotor RPMs and conveyor speed can be adjusted. If a non-crushable object blocks the rotor, TCS makes the machine reverses and try a few times until the object either goes through or the machine stops. The non-crushable object can be removed quickly and safely through the opening side wall.

TANA machines for material recovery and re-use

TANA Shark shredder

Capability to produce a large range of homogenous particle sizes

Unique versatility & productivity

Process widest range of materials

Shreds toughest materials

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TANA disc screen

Maximum performance with minimal wrapping

Choose two or three fraction screening

Easy to clean and maintenance

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