Happy customers around the world are currently using TANA machines at their landfill sites, in transfer stations, or in other waste management facilities. A major factor in their user experience is not only the effective machine but what comes with it: fast and competent aftersales that supports TANA customers for years throughout the entire lifecycle of their TANA products. 

To help you choose the right machine and service provider for your business, we put together the main benefits of partnering up with Tana. 

1. You get local support around the globe

You’re not left alone. TANA machines are used for years—even decades—and we provide you with local sales, support, and service in more than 70 countries on five different continents. Your local Tana distributors use state-of-the-art online service tools and global trouble shooting databases which ensure quick response times, efficient spare parts deliveries, and fast recovery. With TANA machines and local support, you do not have to worry about downtime, and you can concentrate on your business. 

2. We understand you and the waste management business

Tana’s history dates back to 1971 and we have specialized in waste handling equipment since the beginning. Tana‘s mission is to provide customers with simply more money on the bottom-line with cutting-edge technology in solid waste management. We know that waste management is not just about the machines. That is why we help you use our machines so that you can make your operations and handling of waste streams more profitable. Our experts have decades of experience from the field and many of them have been in your shoes. They know the challenges faced by the waste management operators. 

3. You get to experience the unbeatable features first-hand

Since its foundation, Tana has specialized in waste handling equipment. Decades of research and development means that our products are the best you can find on the market. We produce landfill compactors with the highest compaction rate, lowest operation costs and best driving experience. Our waste shredders process the most versatile variety of materials and have an inbuilt screen for full control over the particle size in just one pass. All our technologies are equipped with state-of-the-art control and remote monitoring systems and IoT connectivity. 

Instead of merely telling what our experts and our waste shredders or landfill compactors can do, we would rather show you. We understand that choosing your current brand provider is a safe choice. We at Tana believe that TANA machines are the best performers. That is why we offer our customers a chance to experience the performance of TANA waste management machine live. Contact us and we’ll arrange for you to experience in action how TANA processes your trickiest materials.