Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T) specializes in environmental management and property and plant support services and is a leading supplier of wood-based biofuels, recovered fuels and recycled raw materials. With operations in Finland, Sweden and Russia, L&T employs 8,200 people. Net sales in 2019 amounted to EUR 784.3 million. L&T is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. 

L&T services in Turku include waste management, recycling, hazardous waste collection and waste transport services. The most common materials processed are: 

tyres (shredded and used in yard foundings, noise barriers, sub grade fillings and landfill gas trench collection wells)

construction and demolition waste (C&D) – wood: pallets, wood casings etc.

paper and plastic rolls

different kinds of plastic

giant plastic bags

glass (used as secondary raw material)

L&T Turku produces RDF of the above-mentioned waste fragments for fluidized bed combustion plants. 

Purpose of the investment

The TANA Shark was aimed to be used as a pre-shredder for some of the waste that is pro- cessed for the plant. This helps in refining the waste from impurities and thus ensuring the uninterrupted and disturbance-free operation of the plant. The shredder replaces the plant partly during service and maintenance shutdowns. 

The investment project took altogether 3-4 years during which L&T Turku tested several shredders of various makes. They decided for a TANA Shark since it is the only shredder that can handle all waste material fragments that are produced for use in the fluidized bed combustion plants.  

It was also of highly valued that the entire shredding process could be performed by one machine and not several. The even end product quality that TANA Shark produces was another key factor when selecting a shredder for L&T Turku.  

L&T chose the TANA 440DT (on tracks) because of its smooth mobility in the terminal and because it does not require a truck or any other vehicle for moving around. 

From Waste to Value

Thanks to the versatility and capability of the TANA Shark, the machine provides annual savings of 90.000 EUR to its owner.  

As the TANA Shark can operate both as a pre- shredder and secondary shredder, it saves the investment and interest costs of another machine. Further savings are obtained through less fuel consumption (only one machine running), less maintenance required and lower expenses on consumable spare parts.