Reststofftechnik GmbH is an Austrian company that specializes in the processing and recycling of scrap materials. The processing of tough materials is no problem with the TANA Shark – The indestructible waste shredder. It’s a sunny day and we are currently in Henndorf am Wallersee, Austria, to meet up with Managing Director Georg Geissler. Reststofftechnik is located here, near Salzburg, and has been recycling materials for almost 30 years.

“We process municipal waste, wood, PVC windows and plastic tube here,” says Mr. Geissler.

Problem-free processing of materials

The company had previously used some of Tana’s competitors’ products at the plant. They are currently using a TANA shredder –the Shark –and the experience has been very positive. “The Shark is the most universal of them all and covers all of our areas. We can shred all materials, process municipal waste and scrap wood, and shred PVC windows,” explains Mr. Geissler. “ We have sometimes shredded really tough materials, and the machine is absolutely the best.”

“A big step forward”

Mr. Geissler is very satisfied with the TANA Shark. According to him, the machine is easy to use, and this also makes the employees’ work easier. “I can recommend the Shark to anyone who wants to shred a variety of materials. The TANA impresses with its robustness –it is the indestructible waste shredder” The machine has significantly improved and simplified the processes at the plant. “For us, it’s been a very big step forward.”

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