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Efficient waste wood shredding with TANA

Certain types of waste wood such as railway sleepers require an efficient shredder with a tolerance for metal nails, bolts and bars, which normally can harm or even damage especially high speed shredders. As a robust slow-speed shredder, TANA Shark is at its’ best in the field of wood waste when shredding contaminated waste wood.

How to succeed in waste wood shredding?

Dry and clean waste wood such as pallets is an easy material to break. You do not need the highest torque for crushing it which makes TANA Shark 220DTeco an optimal shredder for the task. Many shredders tend to make an end product including long sticks and the like in it. Because of this the material has to be screened and the oversized shredded for a second time.


The versatile TANA Shark featuring adjustable rotor screens produces highly homogenous particle sizes. If a more coarse particle size is wanted, the rotor screen can be removed and the amount of counter knives can be adjusted in just minutes. With the highest level of customization and control over the shredding process, this provides a new edge for processing different types of waste wood.

Minimizing wood dust increases the output quality

Wood dust is an unwanted by-product of shredding. Minimizing dust problems on waste wood shredding can be done in a couple of ways.

Use a slow-speed waste shredder like TANA Shark with cutting rotor knives

Remove the need to process wood multiple times

High level of customization options provided by the TANA Shark enable the processing of waste wood into any particle size from 2” to 20”.

TANA machines for material recovery and re-use

TANA Shark shredder

Capability to produce a large range of homogenous particle sizes

Unique versatility & productivity

Process widest range of materials

Shreds toughest materials

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TANA disc screen

Maximum performance with minimal wrapping

Choose two or three fraction screening

Easy to clean and maintenance

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TANA wind sifter

Separates light from heavy material with a high grade of accuracy

Low operating costs

Easy to operate

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