St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Disposal District in Washington, Louisiana handles approximately 350 to 400 tons of waste daily. The landfill has recently acquired a new landfill compactor, the TANA E380. It has shown them how a landfill compactor should be made and what the best customer service in waste management looks like.

St. Landry Parish has been in operation for 35 years, and thus, they have a lot of experience working with different landfill compactors and compactor manufacturers.

– After hearing everything Tana’s people had to say about it, we knew we had to have one, says Richard LeBouef. He works as the Executive Director at St. Landry Parish.

– Once we received the TANA, we realized that the machines we had been using all those years were much inferior. We had thought that that’s just how the compactors should be. Until we received the TANA.

Top-quality customer service

In addition to the performance that has far exceeded the expectations at St. Landry Parish, Tana has also proven to be an esteemed partner when it comes to customer service.

– If we need anything, we can just pick up the phone and call them. Within two to three hours, we have an email confirmation on when the technician is going to arrive, LeBouef says.

– Although these are rare occurrences, they have delivered every time. Their crew and customer service are second to none, he continues.

Something to think about

Because of the outstanding experiences with the TANA E380, Richard LeBouef has a distinct message to all of his colleagues.

– If you are involved in the landfill industry and have anything to do with machine purchasing, you’re going to do yourself and your company a disservice if you don’t look into TANA, he concludes.

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