Make money by shredding tyres

Is your yard filled with piles of end-of-life tyres? Have you thought about how to make money by shredding tyres? Many other recycling companies and landfill sites are struggling with the same problem.

Tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste because of their shape and large volume they take up a lot of valuable space. However, tyres are also one of the most reusable types of waste materials, as the rubber is very resilient and can be re-used in many ways. 

How to generate income from end-of-life tyres

Asphalt companies buy large quantities of shredded rubber crumbs to mix with their hot melt asphalt to make pavements cheaper

Shredded tyres are perfect for increasing the burning value of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in incineration plants, as they can really maximize their process by utilizing a rubber mixture

Other road construction companies purchase large quantities of medium-sized shredder tyres to use in road beds for minimizing vibration and for highway sound barriers

Pure rubber can also be granulated and used in the foundations of racetracks, playgrounds, and garden beds. It is used in bark mulch to hold in water and to prevent weeds from growing

Tyre manufacturers are always looking for recycled tyres that can be reused to manufacture new tyres

Landfill sites can use shredded tyres for leachate lines and to help them build new cells

Steel mills can use shredded tyres as a carbon source by replacing the coal or coke during manufacturing

Rubber tyres can be used in barriers for collision reduction, erosion control, and rainwater runoff, and to protect piers and marshland from wave action

How can TANA Shark help you process your end-of-life tyres?

Thanks to our niche cutting and shredding technology, many of TANA Shark waste shredders are mainly used to shred tyres, as our technology allows you to cut tyres into small pieces with the lowest possible fuel consumption. You can easily produce pieces of all sizes, from small particles to medium or larger pieces depending on your needs. Different types of screen allow you to modify the equipment in just 10 minutes.

When using a TANA Shark you can ask the customer what particle size they require and adjust the shredder settings accordingly on the spot and start the production right away.