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Tana Oy on ympäristöteknologiayritys, joka edistää kestävää kehitystä tarjoamalla älykkäitä laitteita ja ratkaisuja kiinteän jätteen käsittelyyn. Tavoitteemme on yksinkertainen - haluamme, että asiakkaamme voivat luoda jätteelle uutta arvoa. Tarjoamme jätehuollon älykkäimmät ja luotettavimmat koneet, jotka ovat kestäviä ja helppokäyttöisiä. Oletko valmis jättämään jäljen josta voit olla ylpeä?

19 tammikuun, 2023

Kari Liuska Eversheds lakitoimiston haastateltavana

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11 tammikuun, 2023

Tana Oy & Tana Group tunnustettiin liiketoiminnastaan

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19 tammikuun, 2021

Uusi TANA 440 -repijämallisto

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15 joulukuun, 2020

Tana Oy:lle Kauppalehden myöntämät ”Kasvaja 2020” ja ”Menestyjä 2020” -sertifikaatit  

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Be one step ahead in waste management business

Circular economy and sustainability are here to stay. The simplest way to profit is to improve the things you already have. That is why we help people to keep their focus on the results, not just the machines.


Developing circular economy solutions has become an international necessity. Learn more about material recovery, re-use and how to turn waste into energy, but also why our TANA Shark is the perfect machine for handling a varying arrey of waste materials.


Landfill operations

The combination of a longer life expectancy for the landfill and lower operating costs makes a big difference for the bottom line over the service life of the landfill compactor. Compacting 10% more is interesting. Learn how to improve and optimize your landfill operations.


More uptime. Robust, versatile machines.

We do not compromise the quality or simplicity of our tools and services. Our robust, versatile machines are made for heavy-duty work and have all that is needed to change the waste management business. With built-in intelligence, it turns simple work into an effective process.

TANA products

Continuous workflow. Work smarter, together.

Improving the things we already have and the things we do is the simplest way to make a change in this world. Data and built-in intelligence are heart of TANA machines that are business development tools for waste management. We connect machines and men from single units into a smart working dream team.

TANA ProTrack®

Making more profit. TANA From Waste to Value®

Making profit is easier with decisions based on data rather than gut feeling. Connecting machines is our way of creating intelligent solid waste management technology. We know that real-time knowledge helps everyone to improve their business. Be one step ahead with simple, modern, and intelligent way to do business.

The Tana Way of Working
<img src=” data-interchange=”[https://tana.fi/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Distributor-network-1024×579.png, small], [https://tana.fi/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Distributor-network-1024×579.png, medium], [https://tana.fi/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Distributor-network-1200×679.png, large], [https://tana.fi/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Distributor-network.png, xlarge]”>

Local & global customer care

It’s all about working together globally and locally in 50 countries and counting. We focus on taking the best care of our customers and our authorized distributor network supports the lifespan of the machines with technical support, after-sale services and spare parts.

Service & Sales

Waste treatment starts with smart thinking. We are for the people, who do the hard work.

We are committed to get things done. We help hard-working people to keep their focus on the results, not just the machines. We do not compromise the quality or simplicity of our tools and services. To keep things simple, our intelligence and innovativeness are already built into every human and machine. We are here to turn waste to value.

People & Careers