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TANA Shark 440D Shredder

EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3 Diesel

Maximized reliability

Capability to produce large range of homogenous particle sizes

Mobile semi-trailer is quick and easy to move around

Productivity like no other

Capability to process widest range of materials - especially the toughest ones

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Unique versatility

TANA Shark 440D industrial waste shredder is suitable for shredding of most reusable, recyclable and recoverable materials. The purpose may be volume reduction, refuse derived fuel production or recyclable material production. The key to productivity is the machine’s versatility. It is able to handle materials from MSW to waste wood, from plastics to tyres and it can be used either as a pre-shredder or to produce the required particle size in one phase.

TANA ProTrack® collects, analyzes and presents the data that is produced by your TANA machine. Based on that data, TANA ProTrack® presents concretely and clearly how much you gain in profit, the amount of expenses and how your business could be enhanced even more.

Technical data

Rated power (SAE J1995) 399 kW (535 bhp) @2100rpm
Nominal torque 440 kNm
Rotor length 3000 mm
Number of rotor knives 33 / 44
Screen sizes 50, 76, 90, 100, 109, 120, 130, 167, 220, 275
Screen area 2,75m2
Emissions (diesel) EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3

For the profit & performance

Large variety of customisation options – make it your own

  • Robust construction – gets the job done in toughest operating conditions and with toughest materials
  • Screens available – many sizes, desired particle size with one pass
  • Selection of rotors available – durability, performance, ease of maintenance
  • Easy access for maintenance – safe and quicker maintenance
  • TCS material programs – preset, available for adjustment
  • Reduced operating costs – service interval 500 h
  • Adjustable conveyor angle – 30° ± 10°
  • Touch screen display – user friendly interface for the operator

Customise for your needs

Options to choose, below listed some examples:

  • Rotors
    • With or without wear plates
    • 33/44 knives
  • Material configuration
    • Bolt on cleaning combs (short/long)
    • Magnet (Standard or HD), hydraulic position adjustment
    • Oil resistant belt
  • Ease of everyday use
    • Engine heater
    • Hydraulic oil heater
    • Automated central lubrication
    • Central lubrication
    • Dust suppression
    • Trickle charger
    • Electric support legs
    • Electric fuel tank filler pump
  • Security / safety
    • Extinguishers & Extinguisher system


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