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Story of Tana

It all started with courage and Finnish integrity: a young entrepreneur and inventor wanted to work smarter. He developed a landfill compactor around an ordinary tractor equipped with rubber wheels. Soon after Tana took its first steps towards becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the global waste management business.

Today, Tana is a pioneer in the world of solid waste management, providing companies from small businesses to state-owned enterprises both with robust machines and data-driven solutions. At the heart of everything, there is a passion for innovation and a desire to work closely with our customers and Tana distributor network.

1970: One smart young man

Back in 1970 there was a young Finnish entrepreneur and inventor who wanted to act smarter. He developed a landfill compactor built around an ordinary tractor equipped with rubber wheels. Soon also the first real landfill compactor with two full-width iron drums was manufactured for an exhibition in Hanover, Germany, in 1971. The unit was sold and delivered to a German customer and so Tana’s first steps towards becoming a global waste management business were taken. Our name ”Tana” derives from a Finnish word meaning robust and sturdy. When the company was sold, its new owners wanted to keep things simple and productive. Switching the focus into developing the best tools for landfill customers brought a complete turnaround. All product lines other than landfill compactors were discarded. Customer experiences and feedback were gathered and carefully listened to in order to create even better landfill compactors.

Tana 50 years

1995: Oy Tanacorp Ltd. new owners started a change for more simple and productive company

Changing focus into developing the best tools for landfill customers brought a complete turnaround and the principle of continuous improvement was adopted.

2008: Intelligent machines create more efficient work

We realized that our deepest wish was to help your customers’ business thrive. Instead of focusing solely on the machines, we look at your business and operations as a whole. 

We were one step ahead in the market with IoT and decided to merge our machines with intelligent systems. Today, we offer an intelligent yet simple real-time platform that helps you manage your operations — and get things done more efficiently.  

2022: Data driven business and service development

Continuous development in close cooperation with our customers is our passion. We started a journey of brand development: we want to communicate who we truly are, and what we aspire to be in the future. In order to inspire our own people to do their best, we need to highlight the impact their work has – on the lives of our customers, and for the wider world.

50 years of waste and beyond

2023: Focusing on excellent customer relations

We believe a well-designed machine always comes with well-designed care. Trust is our currency. It is earned with responsibility and consistency. Raw power delivers, but it is responsibility that makes us design machines that is easy-to-use, efficient, and enduring. We strive to build intelligence and innovation into every one of our machines, because our ultimate goal is to turn waste into value. Value for the user, value for the owner, and value for the planet. 

But words don’t matter, results do. We can explain all we want. Ultimately, it’s a question of whether the job gets done. 

With Tana, it does.