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Meet the challenges and succeed with TANA.

Time is money in solid waste management and TANA keeps things going. Compacting, shredding or separating. It´s time to change your thinking from machines to value creation. Getting more out of your investment is interesting. Not just the machine.

TANA is the best profit maker in solid waste management

We focus on maximizing uptime. Keeping machines up and running without disruption. All TANA machines come with built-in intelligence with the latest technology, creating the best possible design and user experience. Versatile and robust machine is able to deal with the toughest materials and conditions. One TANA will be enough to do even the hardest work for you – transforming waste to value.

TANA Waste Shredder Making 20% More Profit

Buy just one machine – TANA Shark waste shredder takes care of the whole shredding process!

Capability to produce a large range of homogenous particle sizes

Unique versatility & productivity

Process widest range of materials

Shreds toughest materials like shingles and big tyres

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TANA Landfill Compactor Compact 10% more

TANA is the one landfill compactor you ever need. A nonoscillating, rigid frame utilizes the weight of the machine through the full-width drums and the crushing teeth. The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted area.

More accurate than a four-wheeler

Lower fuel consumption than a four-wheeler

Best in compaction comparison

Lowest gravity point in the market

Maximum tilt over 50 degrees

Problem-free compaction with a full drum

Best overall cabin visibility in its class

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TANA Wind Sifter Better Separation by Density

Gives you more value by cleaning waste streams for further reuse or recycling. Machine for fine-tuning – can be used for wide variety of input materials and you can easily optimize operations to meet your needs.

Separates light from heavy material with a high grade of accuracy

Low operating costs

Easy to operate

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Work and profit made easy, with TANA ProTrack®

The more you know about your machine, the more you know about your business. We believe that mastering intelligent data and open interfaces are the future. TANA ProTrack® has built-in intelligence inside every landfill compactor and waste shredder. It collects all essential information for optimizing operations with transparent online data. Data collected from the machines help to simplify efficient working, increase motivation and productivity of the workers. It transforms working sites into intelligent sites, where all operations are optimized.

TANA ProTrack®

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Landfill operations

The life expectancy of a landfill can be extended by several years with a TANA landfill compactor that offers at least a 10% better compaction rate than any competitor – guaranteed.

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Waste to energy

Waste can be used to generate electricity and heat. The versatile TANA Shark shredder makes it possible to process many different types of waste materials with a single machine.

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Material recovery & re-use

Optimally shredded and processed waste offers a profitable resource in the form of reusable materials. TANA Shark shredders are the optimal choice for handling large amounts of recycled materials.

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