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The TANA Shark mobile waste shredder is the most versatile on the market and the perfect machine for handling different waste materials that can change even on a daily basis. Even the most challenging materials, such as mattresses, large tyres, stretchy plastics and cables, are no match for the TANA Shark.

End-of-Life Tyres

End-of-life tyres and waste tyres for cars, trucks, aircraft and heavy-duty vehicles are among the most problematic and difficult waste types to recycle. TANA high-torque shredders make it possible to shred tyres to a very homogeneous 80 mm (3″) particle size in just one pass and separate most of the metals during the shredding process.

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Mattresses are usually considered a nightmare in the waste management industry. Mattresses cannot be easily compacted in the landfill, and springs are difficult for most shredders. For low-revving and high-torque TANA Shark shredders, however, mattresses are an easy task

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C&D waste

The characteristics of construction and demolition waste include both easily recyclable and disposable materials. Separating valuable ferrous materials is easy with the TANA shredder.

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Cables & wires

Cables may be long, flexible, winding and hard, they may hide valuable metals in them like copper, they may be sticky and soft. In extreme cases, separating valuable metals from the cables without a shredder with high torque like TANA Shark can be almost impossible task.

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Plastic waste is not all the same; PET/PETE from beverage bottles, HDPE from containers, pipes and building materials, PVC from blumping pipes, medical waste and toys, LDPE from wrapping, PP&PS from packaging and construction etc. The list goes on! Plastic is everywhere and in everything, which makes it a complex waste to deal with.

C&I waste

Commercial and industrial waste typically contains different kinds of packaging materials, like hard and soft plastics, cardboard, paper, wires, paper rolls, containers, aluminium, gypsum or any reject from production line of a manufacturing process, sand paper for instance

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Waste wood

Certain types of waste wood such as railway sleepers require an efficient shredder with a tolerance for metal nails, bolts and bars.

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Ragger wire

TANA 440 series shredders are a proven solution for shredding of ragger wire. It is a demanding operation for the shredder and for the operator loading it.

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This waste stream is composed of a variety of materials, including paper, plastics, glass, metal, organic waste, and other non-biodegradable materials.

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