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TANA From Waste to Value®

Our slogan TANA From Waste to Value® is a symbol of Tana's devotion to help you reimagine waste management as an opportunity for growth. Focusing on robust and cutting-edge tools is our way of helping hardworking people get things done. Not only do we produce unique machines that minimizes the environmental impact of waste, but we also provide our customers with innovative solutions and outstanding services for productivity and cost-efficiency.

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace.

We focus on what makes waste flow: intelligent, innovative and robust machines on site combined with efficient customer service. 

All waste is a new beginning and has economic, environmental, and business potential. Every TANA machine is built with smart tools that help turn waste into value.  Value for the user, value for the owner, and value for the planet. 

The Tana Way of Working Undeniable results and thriving businesses.

We are passionate about intelligent solid waste management technology, but our ultimate goal is to give you real results. With Tana’s machines, you’ll see consistency, efficiency and safety in your work every day. We dare to think differently so you can work for a more sustainable world with machines that deliver. 

The Tana Way of Working

Tana R&D Center Proud to build the technology of clearer future.

Our aim is to develop products with the best quality, performance, and premium design. All prototypes are created in the R&D Center right next to Tana’s own designers and engineers. That ensures faster product development, higher quality, and special customer care and education. 

Do you want to join the team?

People & Careers Tana people get things done.

At the heart of our operations are intelligently sustainable, mobile machines and services. However, we believe in success through people — dedicated professionals make the change happen. That is why we invest in customer relationships, the well-being and motivation of our personnel, and continuous product and service development. Read more about careers in Tana! 

People & Careers

Network Become a Tana Distributor.

We invest in exceptional service and back-up for our distributors and customers. You can trust in Tana quality and results, no matter the units’ location. 

Tana products are distributed in more than 50 countries on five different continents. Do you want to join in? Read more about becoming a Tana distributor and enabling a new age of solid waste management. 

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