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“I have so many fond memories from throughout the years that it is impossible to pick just one. Maybe the best indication of the fantastic moments and people is the fact that many of our customers and dealers have become my good friends. Some of them I have known for over 20 years,” Harri says.

Harri’s current position as Dealer Support Manager takes him around the world, as he visits customers, gets to know their business and helps them make the best of their TANA machines.

“The great thing about this job is the diversity. No day is like another. That keeps the work interesting and fun. I have worked with a lot of brilliant people and learned something from each of them. I hope they have learned something from me, in return.”

“Many people have asked me when I plan to retire. My answer is always the same. I’ll retire when this stops being fun.” – Harri Uusi-Maahi, Dealer Support Manager, Tana Oy

Digitalization challenges the industry

In the beginning of his Tana career, Harri worked as a mechanic. A lot has changed during the years. TANA machines have come a long way technically, and the digital development has also changed the ways of working and staying in touch with customers and colleagues.

“In the beginning, I travelled the world as a mechanic. We didn’t have e-mail or cell phones, which meant we were pretty much on our own out there. Now we can consult a colleague real time by skype or cell phone. Back then, we had to rely on our own expertise in troubleshooting and problem solving,” Harri looks back.

Digitalization has made a lot of the work easier but also presents a challenge for everyone in the industry.

“The technology side of it is developing fast and that challenges us all to learn new things. I am looking forward to see where that takes Tana and our ProTrack system. I am very enthusiastic about the future of low-emission diesel engines, for example.”

The world changes but the crazy Tana spirit stays

Amidst all progress and change, some things stay the same: the team spirit at Tana and Harri’s trust and faith in the TANA machines.

“I haven’t seen this kind of a team spirit anywhere else. All Tana people are a little crazy in a good way. And if they’re not when they come in, they certainly will be after a while,” Harri laughs.

When Harri started at Tana, the landfill compactor was the company’s only product. Today, the solutions cover a much wider range of customers’ business challenges and opportunities.

“There was something special about the TANA compactor. From the very beginning, I saw a strong potential in it. Now, we have developed shredders and screens, and I see the same bright future for them,” Harri concludes.

“Harri joined Tana in 1984 and has ever since been a bedrock of information and experience for the rest of us. He has an untiring drive to ensure Tana customers, dealers and TANA machines all around the world get the best possible service. This dedication has not gone unnoticed and he has gained the trust and respect from everyone at Tana and beyond.” – Kari Kangas, CEO, Tana Oy


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