Tana North America was established in 2011 as the North American distributor for TANA products through a joint venture between Humdinger Equipment and Tana Oy. Humdinger Equipment has a solid reputation for commitment and professionalism within the earth moving, waste management and recycling equipment sectors in North America, while Tana Oy has been a world leader in the landfill compactor and recycling equipment business since the early 1970s.

Humdinger Equipment is a major player in the earth moving scraper market in the US and Canada, where landfilling continues to be the predominant method for managing waste. Earth moving scrapers are used to develop landfill cells.

“After graduating from Texas Tech University, Randy Holloway, Donnie Hicks and I ended up working in a company designing and manufacturing Caterpillar earth moving scrapers. In 2003 the company was closed and we formed a partnership in several business ventures to continue working together and started manufacturing earthmoving scrapers under own company brand of Humdinger,” explains Chad Phares, Vice President of Humdinger Equipment.

Working with Tana since 2011

“We met Tana owner Kari Kangas at the International Construction and Agriculture Equipment Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March 2011. Humdinger Equipment was an exhibitor and was in pursuit of new product lines, while Tana Oy was searching for a partner in North America that had the desire and capability to develop a market for TANA product lines in the waste and recycling industries,” remembers Phares.

Tana North America was formed in 2011 as a joint venture to serve as the distributor and product support group for TANA products in North America. Today, Tana North America has thirteen dealerships in North America covering Canada and the United States and is continuing to expand its dealership network. In regions where dealerships have not yet been established, TANA customers are served by Humdinger Equipment.

Products suited to the market

According to Phares, TANA landfill compactors and waste shredders are perfectly suited to the North American market and have been a great success. TANA waste compactors achieve a compaction rate so much higher than competing products that landfills can save millions of dollars per year.

Tana’s waste shredding product line has also carved out a successful niche for itself, despite the relatively small market size in North America for this type of recycling equipment. TANA shredders have proven to be versatile products that can process the largest variety of materials and sizing options of any low-speed shredder in the market. TANA Shark waste shredders, for example, have earned a reputation for being able to handle the most challenging materials, including tyres, construction and demolition waste, ragger wire and many others that its competitors cannot process. That reputation combined with a robust product design has made TANA the product of choice in many applications.

Focus on service and spare parts

Tana North America stocks in its centralized warehouse in Texas several millions of dollars of service parts. It also stocks other parts in warehouses in Canada and with several dealership groups in North America, while providing free-of-charge storage containers with consigned inventory located on-site with every landfill compactor.

“Tana North America has spent more time, money and energy in developing its product support team than any other aspect of our relationship with Tana in the North American market. North American customers are a demanding group that is not forgiving when there are product problems. When we took on the TANA product line, Humdinger Equipment committed itself to creating the support staff and stock the necessary parts inventory that would allow Humdinger Equipment to have a product support reputation that was second to no other company. Today, Humdinger Equipment has a centralized product support group in Lubbock, Texas, that handles every product issue, schedules routine services, and is proactively working with Tana Oy in making ongoing product changes and updates to meet the demands of the North American market,” Phares says.

Today, Tana North America has become an even stronger company in its markets thanks to dealership partners that have a long successful sales and support history in their regions of the US and Canada. Tana North America continues to search for and find strategic dealership partners that can further strengthen its market presence.

Excellent performance by Humdinger

Humdinger Equipment’s efforts and achievements through Tana North America have not gone unnoticed at Tana Oy. As one of the biggest TANA dealers, Humdinger Equipment has always had a close connection to Tana’s head office in Finland. Tana in turn is committed to the North American market and will continue to invest in it in the future too.
“TANA has been in the North American market for close to ten years and has been extremely successful thanks to the right equipment portfolio and strong cooperation between Tana and Humdinger Equipment. The US market is one of the most demanding, so the local service quality provided by the Humdinger team has to be at the highest level, as does the quality of our compactors and shredders. Tana and Humdinger have created a strong cooperation model to ensure that customers operate profitably with their TANA fleet,” says Tana CEO Kari Liuska.

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