Mobile Work Machines – Finland’s great opportunity in the technology revolution

SIX Mobile Work Machines is a cluster of Finnish companies manufacturing mobile work machines whose goal is to utilise the opportunities presented by the twin transition (green & digital) in their own innovation and technology development. Tana is part of this cluster.  

The cluster’s vision is that, in 2025, Finland has become known as the world’s best place for developing mobile work machines and their key technologies and services, and Finland serves as both a thought leader in the field and an example for others. The goals of participating companies have been used to draw up a roadmap to guide joint innovation and competence development, while the cluster’s joint research projects create a foundation for the long-term future. The first project launched was related to the electrification of work machines. Numerous different research and development projects overlap within the cluster, and Tana is involved in the project to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from mobile machines (DeCarbo). 

The SIX Mobile Work Machines cluster is part of the SIX Sustainable Industry X initiative, which promotes the competitiveness and sustainable growth of Finnish industry through innovation and know-how. The goal is to create a unified vision together with industry, research and the public sector and reform industry in Finland. 

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