In November 2020, Pickens County, South Carolina, faced a crisis as their landfill neared closure, exceeding capacity by 28,000 cubic yards. Urgently needing a solution for mattress shredding to meet regulatory compliance, the Solid Waste Department evaluated over 700 shredders. The TANA Shark 440DTeco emerged as the sole option capable of handling mattresses.

Within three weeks of a successful demo, Pickens County had a TANA shredder on its way. In six months, the TANA Shark 440DTeco not only resolved the overcapacity problem but prevented the landfill’s closure. The shredded materials’ recovered metals covered the shredder’s cost, enabling the purchase of a second one.

As landfills worldwide grapple with limited space, TANA shredders emerge as a sustainable solution. Raines encourages others to consider TANA, emphasizing, “I would encourage anybody to look at the TANA shredder as an option to help save some of that airspace. It changed everything for us; it was a game-changer.”

The success story of Pickens County highlights how innovative waste management solutions can address immediate challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable future – read the article!