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TanaConnect® is a digital service portal providing all needed information and tools to efficiently operate TANA machine and maximise uptime. It enables efficient fault finding, diagnostics, production management and software updates. With TanaConnect® Tana distributors are able to provide remote support when needed to keep the machines up and running, day and night.

Step towards the intelligence of the future.


Real-time insights. Anywhere.

TanaConnect® offers all the views needed by owners, operators, service companies and the factory in one place. Easy to use portal can be used on any device connected to the Internet, such as a smartphone or desktop computer. Information from portal can also be integrated to other systems such as maintenance management, production management or ERP using TanaConnect® API. Portal enables fleet and machine owner to manage their fleet real-time and stay always up to date on the following information:

Machine health info

Production reports

Machine alarms

Machine events

Machine service information

Feedback channel

Tana Documents

Brings the service and support to you

Reliable TanaConnect® brings the service and support to you anywhere and anytime. TANA machine owners and operators can use the data to make the management of their machines more efficient, while service and factory representatives can effectively solve issues remotely. Tana representatives will be closer to the operations providing support throughout the machine lifetime. TanaConnect® is also equipped with channel where you can share your feedback with Tana. 

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