Electrification meets the needs of the future

Finnish environmental technology solutions pioneer Tana Oy will exhibit two new electric shredders at IFAT Munich 2024 on 13-17 May, one of which will be the TANA Shark 440E, which will be unveiled at the trade fair. Tana’s product family of electric shredders offers a powerful and economical electric shredder for each intended use, thereby supporting the environmental goals of Tana’s customers and their success in tenders.

Tana Oy will unveil its new electric TANA Shark 440E shredder, which operates on a fixed platform, at IFAT Munich 2024. “The new shredder completes our product family, as we can now offer customers looking for an electric shredder a suitable solution for every need,” says Eetu Tuovinen, Product Manager at Tana.

The TANA Shark 440E is ideal for customers who focus on processing a specific type of waste into raw material for the circular economy. “The first customers to purchase the TANA Shark 440E process, for example, tyres, metallic rejects and pulper ropes from the paper industry, and special materials such as circuit boards and aluminium scrap. The device effectively shreds fractions that not all shredders can cope with.”

TANA Shark 440ET: transport the shredder, not the waste

The TANA Shark 440ET mobile shredder is the first model on the market to combine mobility and electric shredding. “Both models can shred the same materials with the same power, so the choice between the two electric shredders is simply down to the customer’s individual needs.”

Both shredders are based on the TANA Shark product family, which was launched in the early 2000s and whose durability and versatility have achieved almost iconic status among the customer base. The new electric shredders were designed according to customer wishes.

In both models, an electric drivetrain powers the shredding. The mobile TANA Shark 440ET includes a small diesel engine that enables the shredder to driven independently from one processing area to another at the production plant. “Many of our customers process many different waste fractions throughout the yard, in which case it is important to have a mobile shredder. With its auxiliary diesel engine, this is easy.”

Electrification supports the transition towards sustainable processing

In recent years, Tana has invested heavily in developing electric powertrains in particular. The electrification of heavy machinery fits in with the growing megatrends of environmental awareness and sustainable business.

“Many companies are turning their attention to electrification of their own accord, which we are really happy about. At the same time, the criteria for public tenders and the subsidy policies of different countries are leading development in the direction that electricity is starting to be the most profitable power option for many of our customers.”

The regulation of the circular economy is getting tighter, and often public funding is also involved. “Regulations affecting tenders are getting stricter, and the local emissions of companies involved in the service chain are also being looked at with a closer eye than before. This is where electric shredders can support our customers.”

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