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Mikko Tallgren, Support Manager, Machine Control Systems

In my position as Support Manager for Machine Control Systems, I serve as the R&D interface for technical support and other Tana staff in issues related to electronics and automation.

Previously, questions that came in from the field took up a lot of time for the R&D team, while the technical support team lacked in-depth expertise in automation and electronics systems. Since the amount of electronics and automation technology will only continue to grow in the future, it was decided at Tana to introduce the position of support manager. My job description is very broad, so there is always lots to do.

In practice, around half of my worktime is spent in R&D, where I help design wiring harnesses and make automation definitions, for example. In addition to sitting at the computer, I also put on my work overalls from time to time and crawl inside prototypes to measure wiring harnesses.

The other half of my work involves providing technical support to the rest of the organization, dealers and in some cases also directly to customers. I help solve problems, draw up instructions and develop support processes. Thanks to my practical design work, I always have the latest information about our machines and the solutions they employ. Correspondingly, thanks to my direct contact with customers and dealers, I can provide the R&D team with direct feedback from the field.

After completing my basic education, I studied for two degrees at the same time: my upper secondary degree and a vocational electrician degree. I then studied automation engineering at university and am currently working on a Master’s degree in network management. I believe this will be a benefit in my work, as Tana is a networked company. Tana has indeed encouraged my studies and allows for flexible working hours when needed for studying.

At the start of my career, I worked for an energy measurement company, my father’s own electrician business, and a couple of years as a maintenance engineer for an international company specialized in electric systems and automation solutions for properties. I was not actually searching for a new job, but I happened to come across an ad for an open position at Tana on LinkedIn. I ended up getting the job and have not regretted it.

As a workplace, Tana is fun, tightknit and engaging community. The historic Schauman building is an inspiring work environment, and it has a good location by the highway and close to the center of town. We have the latest tools, and the perks are very much in line with other similar companies, including sports and culture vouchers, as well as free parking.

At Tana, it is possible to advance in your career and switch positions. There are in fact many different and interesting jobs here. I have certain career goals for the future, but having been here for just a year, I feel there is still so much new to learn that I have not thought of doing anything different.

Working hours at Tana are flexible. If you work overtime, you are compensated also in the other direction. The company treats its employees very fairly. For example, when I wanted to leave early some days to play golf this summer, and it was possible as long as I did all my work ahead of time. The most important thing is to get everything done on schedule.

My work also involves a certain amount of travel here in Finland and around the world, although business trips abroad have been cancelled due to the corona crisis.

“I have enjoyed working at Tana. My own role is very diverse: I design, build prototypes, help the production team, test new machines, support dealers and develop processes. Compared to my previous job, the job description is much broader and more responsible, plus I get to be involved in many more areas.”