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Commercial and Industrial waste, plastics

Commercial and industrial waste typically contains different kinds of packaging materials, like hard and soft plastics, cardboard, paper, wires, paper rolls, containers, aluminium, gypsum or any reject from production line of a manufacturing process, sand paper for instance. In other words, a wide variety of different kinds of materials with various requirement to the machines it is treated with. TANA shredders are widely used in treatment of this variety of materials.

How the recollection of C&I waste is organized and for what purpose it is being treated affects the treatment process. When the incoming material flow is pre-sorted the contents is relatively known and easy to anticipate. In other cases, it can contain anything which is always a challenge to the mechanical treatment, especially shredding. Because of that a slow speed, single shaft shredder with high torque and possibility to optimize machine functions is a good solution. Contaminants in the waste flow may slow down the treatment process but they very seldom break the machine and because of the unique features of TANA shredders the downtime is minimal.

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C&I waste is treated and shred for variety of purposes. In many cases RDF production is the ultimate goal but it may also be volume reduction or recovery of valuable contents or reuse as raw material. Sometimes it is possibly to take care of the whole treatment process with one machine when a shredder that can do that is available. Sometimes a treatment line is needed after shredding. Each purpose and treatment process sets its requirements to the shredding itself and a versatile, flexible TANA shredder has proven its abilities in many different kinds of treatment processes and applications.

TANA Shark industrial waste shredder

Good to know

Valuable metals can be recovered

Plastics can be utilized as raw material directly after shredding

Plastics can be used as energy because of its high caloric value

TANA machines for material recovery and re-use

TANA Shark shredder

Capability to produce a large range of homogenous particle sizes

Unique versatility & productivity

Process widest range of materials

Shreds toughest materials

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TANA disc screen

Maximum performance with minimal wrapping

Choose two or three fraction screening

Easy to clean and maintenance

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