One of the easiest ways to extend the productive lifetime of a landfill is to choose a landfill compactor that offers the best compaction rate on the market. And as an added benefit, this can be done with lower fuel consumption.

– Our guarantee of delivering a minimum of 10 percent better compaction is a guarantee of producing better airspace management, which every landfill operator should consider when seeking opportunities to extend the life expectancy of a landfill. For example, one of our customers—the Belvedere landfill in Italy—can now expect three more years of operation after purchasing the TANA E520, says Christian Constantini, regional manager for Tana.

Tana’s minimum 10 percent better compaction guarantee—the secret is not in the weight of the compactor itself

One might imagine that the main factor in compaction is the weight of the compactor. However, this is not the case. At the Belvedere landfill, the TANA E520 was tested against the Bomag BC 1172, which is 3 tons heavier, and achieved 15 percent better compaction, Constantini says.

The higher crushing power is achieved by the full-width twin-drum design and crushing teeth, with a rigid frame, which are unique to TANA landfill compactors. While four wheels can provide more weight per square meter, the overall compaction rate stays low when waste extrudes around the wheels. This is one of the reasons TANA landfill compactors can achieve better compaction with less driving. The test was conducted by independent surveyor Sauro Salvadori, from STUDIO TECHNICO NESTI e SALVADORI.

Higher compaction per cubic meter was not the only area where TANA outperformed the competitor. Both driving time and fuel efficiency were better as well. TANA E520 used an average of 0.09 liters less fuel than the competition per compacted ton. When compacting a total of 300,000 tons annually, the fuel savings in can reach 42,000 euros (1.5 €/liter) per year.

The TANA compactor works especially well in slope conditions and in mud or sludge, where any four-wheeler can have trouble operating. Watch this video demonstrating its the pushing power:

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Location: Belvedere waste disposal plant

Facility location: Legoli, in the municipality of Peccioli

Surface: 110,000 m2

Volume: 1,900,000 m3

Facility proprietor and management: Belvedere S.p.A.

Environmental impact: ISO- and EMAS-certified