Partnering up with Tana is a sustainable win-win situation

Tana is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for mechanical processing of solid waste. Our shredders are not only robust and trustworthy, but they are also designed for shredding the widest range of materials. We are also a pioneer of using in-built intelligence and mobile real-time view of operational data. All our operations derive from data-driven business, which we continuously develop further in cooperation with our distributors and customer feedback.

Distributors are the backbone in building and maintaining relationship with our customers, from the precious initial sale all the way to aftersales and retention. The authorized Tana distributors act as the local, physical and emotional touchpoints for our customers. Currently, our machines are distributed to more than 50 countries in five different continents, by over 30 authorized Tana distributors.

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to build a strong and profitable relationship with Tana Oy. Partnering up with Tana is a sustainable win-win situation; it’s good for your business and excellent for the planet.

Our local Tana distributors use state-of-the-art online tools and global trouble shooting databases which ensure quick response times, efficient spare parts deliveries, and fast recovery. With Tana, you are never left alone. Our experts have decades of experience from the field and many of them have been in your shoes – they know the challenges faced by waste management operators.

Instead of merely writing what our experts and our versatile machines can do, we would rather have a chat with you. To put our cooperation in motion, you can either contact me directly, or fill in our Become a distributor -form here.

Yours truly,

Josef Imp

SVP, Business Development, Global Accounts