Taylor County Landfill located in Mauk, Georgia handles around 4,000 tons of waste every day. This makes it the largest privately owned landfill in the Southern United States. They have recently acquired a TANA E520 landfill compactor. Its best traits have been operability, maintainability and reliability. TANA E520 is THE compactor for demanding terrains.

“We have been very impressed with it”, says Roy Walton, the General Manager of Taylor County Landfill.

Drums over wheels

Tana developed the E520 especially for demanding terrains. This is why it doesn’t have wheels, but two drums with spikes. Taylor County Landfill has seen the benefits first-hand. “We have a very wet landfill so there’s a lot of sludge to operate on. TANA E520’s two drums work a lot better than the four independent wheels our other machines have”, Walton tells.

The people at Tana were actually so curious about the difficult conditions at Taylor County Landfill that they wanted to come and see their machine inaction themselves.

“They were very impressed with the amount of waste we handle with it. I, on the other hand, was very impressed that they took that time to come and see their product in a very hostile working environment doing such a good job for us”, Walton reveals.

Easy to maintain

Tana provides its customers with a shipping container filled with spare parts.

“When we do have a machine go down, we don’t have to wait for a mechanic to arrive and get it running again. We just replace the parts that need to be replaced and Tana then bills us for those materials”, Walton says.

Because the E520 has impressed the people at Taylor County Landfill, it’s very easy to recommend it to other landfills. “We tell everybody to come and see the TANA in action. We believe in it, it’s a good machine”, Walton concludes.

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