Cost-efficient and safe TANA Compactor impresses in Eastern North Carolina, United States. The TANA landfill compactors used by the CEP consume less fuel compared to other machines. Operability and ergonomics enables the drivers to get a better view which improves landfill safety and helps in daily routines.

The Coastal Environmental Partnership, CEP, is a regional solid waste authority that provides various waste management services. When looking for a new landfill compactor last year, CEP’s staff members found out about the Finnish company Tana Oy.

– We handle solid waste in Carteret, Craven and Pamlico counties in Eastern North Carolina, and we also operate a landfill and transfer stations in the area, Bobby Darden, Director of the Coastal Environmental Partnership, says.

About a year ago CEP was looking for a new landfill compactor. They did research on compactors, and in doing so they got information on TANA. Some staff members traveled to New York to see an actual TANA compactor in operation, and the experience was inspiring.

– They immediately fell in love with the TANA and really liked the operability of the machine, Darden explains.

Effective waste management in challenging situations

Hurricane Florence hit Eastern North Carolina among other regions in mid-September 2018, causing devastating flooding, wind damage and prolonged rain. The amount of waste that had to be handled raised quickly from the daily average of 600 tons to over 2,400 tons a day. In the midst of it all, effective landfill compactors proved their usefulness.

– We have two fairly new TANA E520 machines on hand, because of which we have been able to effectively handle that amount of waste, Darden tells.

– We’re having the machines in full operation, with our operators being familiar with how to use them, he adds.

“TANA compactors are the future of landfill compaction”

The staff has been very satisfied with the properties of the machines. Some of their key advantages are safety and cost-efficiency.

– Our staff members are now able to get a better view of the area, so they’re safe compactors. They also bring savings, as they use about 60 % of the fuel that some of our other machines do.

– TANA compactors are the future of landfill compaction, and they’re very efficient, Darden concludes.

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