At Tana we design our machines to deliver and to last, but we also design them to work together with the operators and owners. We understand the customer’s wants and needs, and aim to deliver intelligent equipment to support the functionality of our robust machines. Combining our machines with intelligence is in the heart of every product we create, step by step, better and better.

Since our machines are often operated in extreme conditions, all over the world, it only made sense to create something that would allow us, the distributors and the operators to work seamlessly together. With TanaConnect® we are able to respond to bridge the gap between our physical product, the TANA machine, and a variety of operations, functions and data to create a user experience extraordinaire.

TanaConnect® is a digital service portal providing all the information and tools needed, to efficiently operate your TANA machines and maximise their uptime. It enables efficient fault inspection, diagnostics, production management and software updates.

  • Real time insights when you need it
  • Brings the service and support to you
  • Equipment condition, operation and much more. You are always up-to-date.
  • Reliable information in user friendly portal
  • Step towards the intelligence of the future to enhance your operations

Maximise your equipment up-time with TanaConnect®

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