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Our customer from southern Europe uses tyre shreds as an alternative heat source instead of coal and oil in a process of making cement out of chalk stone. Formerly they used electric, stationary shredder without an over-band magnet. After changing the machine to TANA Shark 440DT, the diesel-driven mobile waste shredder on tracks, the customer has been very satisfied on both the improvements in the shredding process and the new profits they have been able to access.

– The cement factory site is a large establishment. Electric shredder used before was required to be installed indoors. The material – end-of-life tyres were transported twice: first into the hall and after shredding, the tyre shreds were transported to the boiler. TANA 440DT being a mobile shredder on tracks, it provides a possibility to shred tyres where the tyre stacks are. Operating process became simpler and both time and money is saved, describes Harri Uusi-Maahi, After Sales Manager from Tana Oy.

TANA’s over-band magnet doubled the amount of separated steel

Earlier the steel wires from tyres were separated for reuse after the tyre shreds were burned. Both the quality and resale value of a charred steel with burned rubber remains was far from the steel TANA 440DT is able to produce. TANA managed to double resale price of steel.

– The over-band magnet of the TANA Shark separates the steel wires from the tyre shreds during the shredding process. The separated steel is practically rubber-free and clean. In this case the customer was very surprised that the amount of the resalable steel almost doubled. And so did the resale price.

Training increases efficiency of operations

Global Tana crew offers training to operators on how to drive and feed the machine in the most efficient way in different situations. The most common possibilities which might cause maintenance needs are also gone through in order to prevent them. In this case this was done before the machine was shipped.

– By training on using the machine in advance, we can make sure that our customers get all the benefits out of the machine. It is essential to know for example how driving habits affect to the fuel consumption and what are the best ways to feed the shredder to get optimized lead time, says Uusi-Maahi.

When the machine arrives at the site, Tana crew always runs tests with a number of setups and different particle sizes together with the customers.

The promise of the good service does not end in the implementing phase. The shredder is  connected to internet providing a straight view for authorized persons.

– Therefore, we are always able to help our customers to make better profit from the machine, to maximise uptime and reacting swiftly to any possible problems or troubleshooting scenarios, concludes Uusi-Maahi.

Is it your time to learn how to double resale price of steel?