Our TANA Shark waste shredder is on a demo tour across Europe

Exciting news for waste management enthusiasts and industry professionals! The electric TANA Shark waste shredder is currently making its way across Europe on its maiden demonstration tour, showcasing the exceptional capabilities it brings to waste management. We are delighted to share this journey with you, highlighting the upcoming stops in France and Benelux.

The 440ET tour kicked off after successful appearances at the Maxpo exhibition in Finland, Pollutec in France, and Ecomondo in Italy. Our machine, having garnered attention and acclaim, is now ready to continue for a hands-on demonstration tour through the border of Italy and France, continuing its way to Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

November 23rd – Verzuolo, Italy

The demo tour officially begins in Italy, where the TANA Shark shredder will be available for on-site demonstrations. This is a fantastic opportunity for waste management professionals, distributors, and enthusiasts to witness the machine’s cutting-edge features in action. Tana Italia

November 29th – Saint Priest, France

Next on the itinerary is France, where our authorized distributors have arranged a demo event for the new TANA Shark electric waste shredder. Attendees will have the chance to see firsthand how the TANA Shark shredder tackles waste challenges efficiently, sustainably and electrically! Tana France

December 11th-12th – Rochefort, Belgium

In the picturesque town of Rochefort, Belgium, the electric TANA Shark shredder will take center stage. Join us for live demonstrations and explore how this innovVERative machine is transforming waste management practices. Our authorized distributors will be on hand to provide expert insights and answer any questions you may have. Smart Equipment

December 13th – Ieper, Belgium

Moving on to Ieper, Belgium, the demo tour continues its exploration of the Benelux region. Discover firsthand the efficiency and versatility of the electric TANA Shark shredder. Engage with industry professionals, share your insights, and network with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable waste solutions. Smart Equipment

December 15th – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam, a bustling hub of commerce, is the next stop on our tour. The TANA Shark shredder will be on full display, demonstrating its prowess in handling various waste streams. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this innovative solution in action and gain valuable insights from our team. Smart Equipment

December 18th-19th – Venlo, Netherlands

As the demo tour progresses, Venlo, Netherlands, will host a series of events showcasing the TANA Shark shredder. Engage in live demonstrations, connect with industry experts, and explore the possibilities of integrating this state-of-the-art electric shredder into your waste management operations. Smart Equipment

December 21st – Hamburg, Germany

The tour concludes in Hamburg, Germany, where the TANA Shark shredder will wrap up its electric European adventure, and ease into the festive season. Join us for a grand finale, celebrating the success of the demo tour and reflecting on the transformative impact this innovative machine can have on waste management practices worldwide. Happy Holidays! Smart Equipment


3 excellent reasons to attend a demo


Witness the TANA Shark electric mobile shredder in action with live demonstrations


Engage with our knowledgeable representatives for insights into the machine’s features and applications


Connect with industry professionals and exchange ideas on waste management solutions

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