Expensive and diesel-hungry waste shredder led to an innovation in crushing construction and demolition waste (C&D waste). The compaction force of a twin drum design landfill compactor is unparalleled. When directed straight down onto the unsorted waste or landfill residue, the solid steel crushing teeth bite into the waste. The crushing is so efficient that the required fraction size is achieved with just a few passes of the landfill compactor. This results in savings in operation costs, and there is no need to purchase or rent expensive shredders.

At one of Sweden’s biggest waste treatment facilities in Häradsudden, run by Ragn-Sells, a TANA E260eco landfill compactor had been used for compacting waste in the landfill and the fuel storage. To maximise the use of the existing machine and minimise costs, the site management tested their TANA compactor for more untraditional uses.

– Before, the incoming waste at Häradsudden was shredded with a traditional shredder. We had rented shredders that used up massive amounts of diesel. A couple of years ago, we decided to test if the compactor could be also used for crushing the waste. The crushing results and cost savings were so encouraging that we have been using the compactor for crushing ever since, Site Manager Erik Gustafsson says.

TANA compactor can tackle even heavy construction waste

– With construction waste, the challenge is breaking it down to an adequate fraction size, so that we can separate for example clean metals and combustible waste for recycling. Our TANA compactor delivers the right fraction size for our uses with just a few passes, says Gustafsson.

Running over construction waste, such as concrete, stone and other hard and chunky materials, puts immense strain on the machine but that is not a problem for the TANA compactor.

“The TANA compactor’s extremely robust construction allows it to crush even the toughest waste into required fraction size and ready for sorting.”

In addition to its rigid frame, TANA’s unique drum design is also a key to optimum results in breaking down construction waste. The compaction force of the full-width drums is directed straight down onto the waste, delivering an unparalleled crushing force and preventing waste extrusion from underneath the machine. The solid steel crushing teeth bite into the waste, breaking it down efficiently.

– We have experience of four-wheel compactors but TANA’s twin drum design is the only system that works for our uses. Four-wheelers just cannot deliver the same crushing power. With the TANA compactor, we are able to deliver required fraction size and our customers are happy with the quality of the end product. All in all, we are very satisfied with the performance and quality of TANA’s compactor, Erik Gustafsson concludes.

Video: TANA landfill compactor pre-crushing construction and demolition waste

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Häradsudden landfill

Landfill and treatment plant since 1977

Landfill area 250,000 m2

Handles 200,000 tonnes of waste per year