For Attero Recycling Ltd. operating in the alternative fuels sector, TANA Shark is the only shredder on the market that can produce the required particle size for solid recovered fuel (SRF) in a single pass. After the purchase, Attero was able to cut the number of machines in half and increase output, saving time and money.

Attero Recycling Ltd. takes in municipal, commercial and industrial waste for recycling of materials and production of alternative fuels. In 2014, when they were purchasing new shredders for their processing site in Doncaster, Britain, they had two requirements. The shredder had to shred to a certain particle size in one pass, and it had to be robust enough to handle all the types of waste that came in. They invested in nine TANA machines, TANA Shark 440DT and 220DT shredders and TANA 6D drum screens, and the change has been dramatic.

Previously, Attero Recycling needed double the number of machines, as producing the required particle size for SRF required a primary shredder and a secondary shredder.

“Solid recovered fuel (SRF) is shred to 30 mm (1 ¼”) particle size. With another machine, we have to pre-shred it in a low-speed shredder first and then put it in a high-speed shredder to get it down to 30 mm. Now we just put a screen in the TANA Shark, and we can easily get to 30 mm particle size in a single pass. With Tana, you’ve got a primary shredder and a secondary shredder all in one,” says Dave Colakovic, the Managing Director of Attero Recycling Ltd.

The TANA Shark with its ability to shred to required particle size in one pass has made the shredding process much faster and more cost-efficient, guaranteeing savings in fuel costs and operating hours.

“We feel TANA Shark is the only machine on the market that can achieve what we require.”
– Dave Colakovic, Attero Recycling Ltd.


The robust construction of TANA reduces downtime

Another problem with high-speed shredders is that they’re not as resilient as low-speed shredders, causing them to break down a lot. TANA Shark can do the same job as the high-speed shredder but is more resilient to the type of waste used in the waste industry.

“If the waste dropped in the shredder has bricks, metal or other heavy-duty materials in it, the TANA can handle it, whereas a lot of shredders can’t. It might cause damage, but it doesn’t break the machine,” Colakovic says.

TANA machines with their robust construction are resilient enough to handle bricks, metal, and other tough materials without breaking, resulting in reduced downtime.

 In addition to the machines, Dave Colakovic is very happy with cooperation and interaction with TANA. “TANA are a very proactive company. We are able to go directly to the CEO if we have any problems. They also have a great service back up.”

“Our off takers are very happy with the product produced with the TANA machines.”
– Dave Colakovic, Attero Recycling Ltd

Watch how TANA Shark shreds municipal solid waste with one pass into 50mm particle size

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