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A typical challenge in  high grade RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel ) production is that Construction and Demolition waste (C&D) and Industrial waste have a lot elastic and stringy materials that wrap around the rotor of the shredder. This causes hours of maintenance downtime weekly and has immediate effect on productivity. When using TANA Shark this has not been an issue for our customer Ekokem-TSJ Yrityspalvelut Oy (Ekopartnerit) anymore.

– After purchasing TANA Shark 220D, our uptime increased from 80% to 99% as cables, wires, plastics and other stringy and elastic waste types are no longer wrap around the rotor and cause maintenance breaks. This has been possible because TANA Shark cuts even the hardest and most elastic materials into pieces during the shredding process. Not to forget, the rotor action is also designed so that it automatically reverses to prevent wrapping around the rotor, says Kalle Mäki, Handling and Logistics Manager from Ekopartnerit.

The 1st and 2nd class RDF can be used as fuel as it is, or burned together with other fuel. There is no tolerance for fines and oversizes in the burning process.

Increasing profit by over 800% with TANA Shark

Kalle Mäki says that their output in 1st class RDF production has increased from 40% to 95% in one pass, thanks to TANA Shark’s cut and shred process combined with their unique screening technology.

– With the changeable screen, we can easily change the particle size using TANA Shark. The end result is so homogeneous, that it is still difficult to believe it with my own eyes. We are achieving the required particle size in just one pass. Combined with the high uptime of 99%, this gives us total of 115% more 1st class RDF per hour than with the earlier shredder, says Mäki.

Ekopartnerit is now using two TANA Sharks in their process and they have been especially impressed on how the options mentioned in this article have increased the profitability in producing higher quality without maintenance delays.

– We are more than happy with our two TANA Sharks, because they provide us the flexibility we need. We can easily adjust the settings depending on the material we need to shred. Both units are mobile so we can easily move them when needed. We score TANA Sharks a 10 out of 10, says Kalle Mäki.

See what higher quality in shredding means for costs and profits

Tana Shark capacity to produce 1st class RDF

Chart 2: While the operational costs per hour remained the same (due to costs in the logistics and the material acquiring), TANA Shark was able to outperform the competitor with the consistent high quality output and high uptime. This means our customer was able to increase their profit margin by over 800 %.*

*Calculations in this article are based on example prices (1st class RDF). Because of the changing prices on the market, the profit margin might vary.

About Ekopartnerit

Ekopartnerit is part of Ekokem Group. Ekokem Group is one of the leading Finnish total service providers in the field of environmental and waste management. Their services cover for example treatment of contaminated soil, constructions of landfills, waste to energy, recycling, hazardous waste processing and waste treatment solutions. Ekopartnerit produces first and second class RDF based on SFS-standard in their production line in Turku, Finland. Their superior quality RDF produce is mainly from industrial waste and C&D containing anything from mixed construction waste, wood, plastics, carpets, wood, paper & cardboard.

Construction waste such as the packaging plastics are normally jamming the ordinary shredders when wrapping around the rotor. Our customer was able to boost their processes uptime from 80 % to 99 % with TANA Shark’s revolutionary shredding and cutting technology.