Kempeleen Siirtokuljetus Oy provides waste management services for businesses and consumers mainly in Oulu region, Finland. Tana has delivered two waste shredders to Kempleen Siirtokuljetus and now shredding operations can run more cost-effectively. What used to take two machines can now be done with a single TANA industrial waste shredder.

Kempeleen Siirtokuljetus also provides services for materialization and reuse. In addition to the site in Kempele, the company has another site at Adven power plant in Jepua. In Kempele, company has a TANA shredder on tracks and in Jepua, they have a stationary TANA shredder.

“We also took a so-called complete spare parts container that has all spare parts the TANA shredders might need”, tells Mikko Räisänen, who works as an equipment manager at Kempeleen Siirtokuljetus.

One TANA shredder can now handle work of two machines

One factor influencing to choose TANA was the versatility of shredders – basically everything that needs to be shredded can be shredded.

“For example, with the shredder in Jepua, we shred a mixture that contains 30% of sandpaper and 70% of mixed waste. In Kempele, we shred wood, furniture, pipes and energy waste. Almost every material can be shredded with the TANA shredder”, Räisänen notes.

“Cost efficiency was the primary reason for buying TANA shredders. We used to need two different machines, but now we can get by with just one. TANA shredders even have less parts that can break, so we don’t have to be there to fix it all the time. We have time to do other tasks than just repairing the machine line”, Räisänen continues

“The customer’s wishes and desires are listened to”

In Räisänen’s opinion, the cooperation with Tana has been straightforward and effortless. Help is always available when needed whether it is a big or small problem. Someone is always answering the phone.

“When choosing shredders, an another important reason was that Tana is Finnish company. We felt that even if there were problems, we could get the help we need in Finnish. It makes things much easier”, Räisänen says.

“The customer’s wishes and desires are listened to. They are also developing our business. It is of great benefit to us”, Räisänen concludes.

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