Liverpool council lays mattress waste to rest

Original article published on Waste Management Review


At Tana Oy, we are dedicated to revolutionizing waste management through our advanced machinery solutions. We invest in exceptional service and back-up for our distributors and customers, and distribute TANA machines in more than 50 countries on five different continents. Collaborating closely with our trusted dealers, we extend our reach globally to municipalities, industries, and waste management companies. Our robust machines, renowned for their efficiency and durability, are tailored to handle diverse waste streams, ensuring optimal performance and environmental sustainability. Liverpool City Council in New South Wales, Australia, is addressing mattress disposal with an innovative approach, reducing landfill waste and promoting a circular economy. Central to this effort is the TANA Shark waste shredder, provided by GCM Enviro.

The mattress waste problem

Australia discards about 1.8 million mattresses annually. Liverpool City Council faced high costs for landfill disposal and recycling through private contractors, highlighting the need for a sustainable solution. Seeking alternatives, the council met with Andrew Douglas of Mattress Recycle Australia and acquired the TANA Shark waste shredder, known as ‘The Croc,’ from GCM Enviro.

TANA Shark solving the problem

The TANA Shark has transformed mattress waste management in Liverpool. Designed for tough materials, it shreds a mattress every minute, efficiently separating steel from mattress flocking. This has improved operations, reduced costs, and enhanced sustainability. TANA authorized distributor, GCM Enviro, has outdone their part in providing crucial support with training and ongoing assistance, ensuring high efficiency.

Key features of TANA Shark

  • Robust design: Efficiently demolishes mattresses
  • Operational efficiency: Maximizes material throughput
  • Durability: Long-term use with easy maintenance
  • Customization: Tailored for any waste type

“We can’t fault the TANA Shark,” says Tim Pasley, Liverpool City Council’s Resource Recovery Manager.

Expanding the initiative

Since 2023, ‘The Croc’ has operated two days a week. A second TANA Shark has been purchased to meet growing demand and support neighboring councils and bedding companies. TANA shredders success has inspired plans for a circular economy center, aiming for 99% waste recovery by transforming mattress waste into tiles. The project could involve up to four TANA Sharks.

“We were ripe for change and wanted to see things done better,” Tim Pasley emphasizes.


Liverpool City Council’s mattress recycling initiative, powered by the TANA Shark from GCM Enviro, has solved a significant waste problem. This approach sets a precedent for sustainable waste management, highlighting the power of collaboration and innovation in creating a cleaner future.

How is mattress shredding done?

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