A Glimpse into the Cement Industry’s Future 


The CEMFUELS conference held in Türkiye this year provided a valuable platform for professionals in the cement industry to discuss and learn about the latest developments in alternative fuels (AF). Eetu Tuovinen and Josef Imp from Tana, were in attendance, and this article offers insights into their experience at the conference. 

A deep dive into alternative fuels 

One of the highlights of the conference was a comprehensive short course on alternative fuels in the cement industry. This course covered both general and industry-specific information, emphasizing the potential of AF in the cement production process. 

Key takeaways from the short course included the revelation that up to 70% of fuel in the calciner phase and up to 50% in the main burner could be replaced with alternative fuels. This information was particularly relevant, as it highlighted the potential for shredding solutions, especially in generating fuel for the calciner phase. 

Conference Highlight 

While the short course was informative, the conference itself provided attendees with a broader perspective on the cement industry and its use of alternative fuels. Key point: Cement Industry has a constant demand for new AF sources.  


CEMFUELS 2023 proved to be an invaluable experience, shedding light on the evolving landscape of the cement industry and its reliance on alternative fuels. A fact is that there is a growing trend in the business within that material sector. 

With Tana’s strengths in flexibility and cost-efficiency, we remain well-positioned to make significant contributions to the cement industry’s sustainability efforts. As we continue to refine the shredding solutions, we look forward to an even brighter future in this dynamic and growing market.” Eetu Tuovinen, says.